Fill The Need

This program allows us to be a blessing to people in sometimes a “nontraditional” way. From the elder lady whose fence is falling apart, to the single mom who needs a new car battery, to the children who have outstanding balances with their school lunch, we step in to serve and take away their burden.
We want to come alongside of individuals and help build them up. We are very intentional about not giving “hand-outs” but seeking out people who just need some encouragement and good things to happen in their lives.

Know someone who needs a little extra boost in life?



2017 BrandonBuilt Projects:

1. Donated 550 diapers to the Diaper Depot at First Baptist Church
2. Donated basic hygiene products (toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, etc.) for the
underprivileged children in the Kenwood School District
3. Purchased gas cards for single parents to help with transportation costs
4. Purchase a car battery for a single mother unable to get her son to school
5. Paid for and rebuilt a section of vinyl fence and cleaned the yard of an elderly neighbor unable to do so herself
6. Donated food to the Crossroads Center (milk, can goods, shampoo, etc.)
7. Donated funds to the Nebraska Children’s Home Society to celebrate 100 sales
8. Purchased turkeys and pies for seven families for Thanksgiving
9. Covered the outstanding balance of 200 school lunch meals for 21 families in the Bryant School District
10. Covered the outstanding balance of electric and car bills for a single mother who was facing possibility of losing electricity and transportation
11. Purchased Christmas presents for Kenwood School District students
12. Paid for towing and car repair fees for a grandmother raising multiple children in the Bryant School District
13. Bought new shoes for a homeless second grade boy who has to walk five plus blocks to school in the Bryant School District
14. Covered the outstanding balance of 179 school lunch meals for three families in the Kenwood School District