Brandon Rohr


What’s your favorite tool to use?

We use a 12-inch Miter Saw that I love using. I think it’s because nothing makes you feel more manly than cutting a 2 x 12 in a few seconds. Also, it reminds me of where we started as the very first piece we built we had to use a hand saw because we didn’t have a power saw. This just reminds me of how faithful God is.

What do you love the most about Brandon Built?

I cannot put into words adequately the feeling you get when you really help fill a need in someone’s life. And it’s been different because the children and people we help we do not know and many times don’t even get a chance to meet. I think it’s one thing to help people who are close to you (family and friends) but it’s a different thing entirely to help those you do not know. It takes even more love to help those you aren’t familiar with. Hearing of the happiness and the burden being lifted for some of the people we have helped is worth every second of my time. I’ll never forget there was a single mother who was struggling to get her son to school because her car battery had died and she didn’t have funds to get a new one. When we dropped off a new battery for her she asked us, “can I give you a hug.” It was super touching to both Isaac and myself and it was her way of saying thank you. That hug was the best thank you we could have ever received. Through Brandon Built there has been a lot of selfishness that has left me because of the people we have met and the perspective I have gained in helping others.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

The lack of experience in building a business and all that goes into that, from how to do listings, figuring out shipping and even our inventory system. I guess you could say everything! Lol. Experience is the best teacher, I have learned so much and it was a good lesson in that the best way to learn is by doing! In that same way, you learn the process but you also learn about patience and problem-solving. Any time you “build” something there are things that come up that must be solved. No matter if you are building a TV stand or you are remodeling your bathroom. What you expect and what you encounter are always different so it has forced me out of my comfort zone at times. I’ve built some good patience in being able to constructively find a way through it while still ensuring quality and design are at a premium.


Was there a project that started off terribly and ended up working out in the end?

I think terribly is a strong word. Lol. There have been lots of challenges for sure. Some of the bigger projects always force you to think about every aspect, from the build to the packaging to the shipping. The thing that I am proud of is that we have made many, many mistakes, but we have never made the same mistake twice. I remember the first time we shipped an order for multiple bathroom fixtures. We didn’t package it as well as we should have and it was damaged in shipping. We refunded the entire order and let her keep the items. At the time it was the biggest order we had ever had and it taught us a lot (we lost money), but to be honest isn’t that how we learn our biggest lessons? Recently we shipped a 4-foot by 3-foot coffee table to Canada. It got there on time, in perfect shape and the client was ecstatic about the product. It took A LOT of work to ensure that the story ended that way. It was everything we learned in that previous fail that prepared us for this challenge. The perspective I have gained is that God doesn’t ask for perfection from us, but He does ask us to be better as we move forward!



I grew up on the family farm near Tobias, Nebraska. The adventure and freedom of growing up in the country with my two competitive brothers (Mike, Skip) and supportive parents (Deb, Leroy) are some of my greatest memories. My skills as a builder come from the time spent with my dad on the farm, who is one of those people who can literally build and fix anything.

Sports have always been a huge part of my life from playing tackle football in the house with my brothers when our parents were gone to playing baseball and running track at Nebraska Wesleyan in college. I serve as the assistant women’s basketball coach at the University of Nebraska Kearney and have been a college basketball coach for 10 years. I’m honestly one of the simplest people I know, but do have an adventurous side that enjoys longboarding, snowboarding, live music and road trips. I currently reside in Kearney, Nebraska.

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