The Craftsmen

Dustin Rohr

Brandon Rohr


What’s your favorite tool to use?

We use a 12-inch Miter Saw that I love using. I think it’s because nothing makes you feel more manly than cutting a 2 x 12 in a few seconds. Also, it reminds me of where we started as the very first piece we built we had to use a hand saw because we didn’t have a power saw. This just reminds me of how faithful God is.


Isaac Mertens

What’s your favorite tool to use?

My favorite tool is our trusty Random Orbital Sander. It is by far the tool I use the most.  I have spent countless hours turning rough, chipped lumber into beautiful shelves, tables, and bookcases. I love transforming an “ugly” piece of lumber into a functioning piece of art! (more…)