About Us

Our Mission

To build furniture to build up the people of Kearney, Nebraska.

Our Story

Our story begins as two friends who each bought a house in the summer of 2016 and discovered our passion for rustic and industrial style furniture. We realized we love putting furniture that we built with our own hands in our homes. One night, we dreamed up the notion that people would enjoy and buy the items we have made and starting our own Etsy Shop. While developing the Etsy Shop we started to think about the people who needed some “nontraditional” assistance in our hometown. In a step of faith, we decided we wanted to be men of action using our time, talents, and treasure and help these people. To do this we started Brandon Built with a mission: To build furniture to build up the people of Kearney, Nebraska.


In February of 2017, we officially opened an ETSY shop to begin growing the financial funds needed to implement our initiatives.  In addition, we started offering local custom orders from office desks, TV stands, open shelving units, and dining tables.


Just as a carpenter needs the proper tools in his tool belt to effectively build, we established the Build a Better Tomorrow Tool Belt in order to execute our outreach program. Our Tool Belt contains the Scholarship Program, Fill the Need Program, and the Little Builders Program. Each of these initiatives provides opportunities to encourage, enhance, and serve our community.
“…He must labor, performing with his hands what is good, so that he will have something to share with one who has need.” Ephesians 4:28
Inspired by Ephesians 4:28 we have used our profits to fulfill these initiatives. We are dedicated to helping the hungry, homeless, poor and those needing some good in their lives. Some organizations we have assisted include the Diaper Depot at First Baptist Church, Crossroads Homeless Shelter, Nebraska Children’s Home Society, Kearney Parks & Recreation, Kenwood Elementary School, and Bryant Elementary School.


Currently, our products are found in the homes of families in 30 different states and in three different countries. We are continually humbled by the demand that we have for our products and the people who choose to support us. By making products we absolutely love and by using the mission of the company to help others we believe that God has chosen to bless our path. It’s the only way we can explain it. Certainly, it isn’t us. We have made our fair share of mistakes and started Brandon Built with a handsaw and about $100 worth of tools. We work to make sure we never forget our humble beginnings.

We consider it an absolute privilege to use the incredible platform we have been blessed with to be a blessing to others. Here is the impact Brandon Built has had:






Updated: February 23, 2018