Why We Started an Etsy Shop and So Should You

Our story begins as two friends who each bought a house in the summer of 2016 and discovered our passion for industrial style furniture. We realized we love putting furniture that we built with our own hands in our homes. We also realized there were people who needed some “nontraditional” assistance in our hometown.  That so, we decided to be men of action using our time, talents, and treasure and started Brandon Built with a mission: To build furniture to build up the people of Kearney, Nebraska.

Just as a carpenter needs the proper tools in his tool belt to effectively build, we established the Build a Better Tomorrow Tool Belt. Our Tool Belt contains the Scholarship Program, Fill the Need Program, and the Little Builders Program. Each of these initiatives provides opportunities to encourage, enhance, and serve our community. One hundred percent of our profit is given directly back to the hungry, sick, homeless, or people just needing a little good in their lives.

“…He must labor, performing with his hands what is good, so that he will have something to share with one who has need.” Ephesians 4:28

Inspired by Ephesians 4:28, we felt it imperative that we work to build a self-sufficient model. In February of 2017, we officially opened an ETSY shop to begin growing the financial funds needed to implement our initiatives. In addition, we offer local custom orders from home renovations, office desks, open shelving units, and dinner tables. Our furniture is now in homes from coast to coast with some pieces even traveling internationally.  

One of the most rewarding aspects has been building relationships with our customers. There have been stories about how one wanted to surprise her husband with a bathroom makeover and another about an Aunt who was SO excited when she came across our wood sign for the perfect wedding gift for her niece. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to share in making those special moments happen. The conversations and interactions we’ve had with our customers have brought so many smiles and chuckles to my face.

However, not every experience hasn’t been flawless. There have been packages lost and mishandled, chipped paint, forgotten parts, past due shipping deadlines, gouged wood, incorrect stain, and so so many more mistakes but those experiences and frustrations have honestly been the best part. They are what forced us to perfect our craft and hone our process. It’s amazing thinking about where we started 1 year ago and seeing how far we’ve come. It has been one crazy but an unforgettable journey.

We love Etsy because it gives the incredible opportunity of becoming entrepreneurial through your hobbies. You become part of an online marketplace of creators who have a passion of crafting original, special, and unique pieces; from hammering a pile of boards into a table that will centerpiece for countless family dinners to knitting a spool of yarn into mittens that will keep hands warm during a snowball fight.

After owning an Etsy Shop we’ve realized several overlapping lessons to daily life – overcoming adversity, putting people first, taking risks, striving for greater, learning from failure, time management, having no idea what crisis will come next, how to problem-solve that problem, and on and on. If you have a hidden skill or a burning desire I want to encourage you to say, “Yes!” to starting an Etsy Shop and add a thrilling chapter to your life story because life is too short to feel regret and say, “I wonder if I could have done it…”

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